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Congratulations to Mr. Lynn Fowler on being inducted into the NWT SportNorth Hall of Fame as a Builder 

Lynn Fowler has been instrumental in the success of broomball in the Northwest Territories.  Fowle rcame to Yellowknife in 1969 and has been a staple in the sport from the beginning.  Whether being an athlete, team/league organizer, administrator or manager for the sport he hasbeen dedication to the growth of broomball in the NWT and has over 30 years of experience to prove it.  

In 1979 he organized broomball in teh NWT with  an organized Yellowknife mean's league, while also assisting Hay River to establish their men's league.  In 1982 he hellped set the groundwork for the Yellowknife Women's League.  Fowler was also key to the Junior Broomball and the Yellowknife Raven's Allstar team forming.

Fowler has been recognized territorially through NWT Broomball as well with Sport North - winning the 19989 Sport North Builder Award.  Fowler was also inducted into the Canadian Broomball Federation hall of fame in 2006.


Yellowknife Coyotes Win Medal

Congratulations to the Yellowknife Coyotes for winning a Bronze Medal in the Challege Cup at the 2016 World Broomball Championships in Regina, Saskatchewan.  Well done team.  



Back Row Left to Right - Tyler Illnik, Darrell Martin, Aki Awase, Bradley Fillion, Ian Fowler, Jeremy Ouiellette, Alexander Debogorski, Lawrence Pellissey, Nick Rivett, Gayle Esch,   Front Row Left to Right - Angela Love, Orlah Tobin, Brenda Fowler, Alexandra Roach, Val Pond, Kailey, Ruben Makohoniuk, Don Pittman, Tara Power


Congratulations also to Alexander Debogorski & Tara Lynn Andrews for both being named to the 2016 Worlds All Star teams in their divisions.  Well deserved honors.




Congratulations to the NWT Rebels Womens Broomball Team on being named the 2011 Sport North Team of the Year. 

Congratulations ladies on the well deserved Award and Recognition.



Yellowknife Rebels Win Bronze At World Championships

Congratulations to the NWT Rebels for the outstanding performance at the 2010 World Broomball Championships in Innsbruck, Austria.  The NWT Rebels won the Bronze Medal at the World Championships and were also awarded the Most Sportsmanlike Team award. 

Ms. Jenny Crawford of Yellowknife was the top scorer for the World's Tournament and was named to the All Star Team.  Congratulations Ladies for your outstanding accomplishment. 


Backrow: Gail Esch, Kristel Timmer, Val Pond, BettyAnne Nickerson, Chris Greencorn (coach);  middlerow:  Michelle Ramm, Sherry Connors, Gwen Woodward, Jenny Crawford, Jen Potten, Brenda Tittlemeir, Grace Lau-a, Martha Goodman, Frontrow: Tina Locke-Setter, Lorraine Swadon, Jan Vallillee, Terri-Lynn Locke-Setter:  Children: Mia & Kaylie Locke-Setter


Hey Have you Heard What's been said about the YK Ravens

 Submitted by: ESPN The Mag on 06/Oct/2010 in reply to Re: Re: 2010-11 Ranking posted by ESPN Top 100 Ranking on 06/Oct/2010


The Mag offers you our most ambitious project to date. We have had scouts in rinks from the desert in Vegas to the artic in Yukon. We have hit the ponds from Sydney to Singapore! We have talked with players from all over the globe to give you the scoop on who's hot, and who's not.

We have poured over results from the last two years National Championships, Provincial Championships, State Tournaments and all the Invitationals. We know which tourneys had loaded fields and which ones were weak. We know when teams had pickup players and when they went with their true rosters. Here you go loyal readers.............

Our Global Top 100!

1. Nationals- Ottawa, Ont
2. Inferno - Mpls MN
3. Axemen - Bruno SK
4. Pogos - Quebec
5. Frost - Quebec
6. Rookies - Palmerston Ont
7. Outlaws - Odessa SK
8. Penetrators - Mpls MN
9. Barons - St. Paul MN
10. Phantoms - Ontario
11. Sphinx - Quebec
12. LeSix - Quebec
13. Geez - Albertville MN
14. Snipers - Seaforth Ontario
15. Guess Who - Ontario
16. Kameleons - Quebec
17. Diablos - Mpls MN
18 Briquetal - Quebec
19. One More Year - Mpls MN
20. Flames - Anoka MN
21. Broncos - Lethbridge Alberta
22. Beaver Roofing - Moose Lake MN
23. Generals - Bruno SK
24. Windsor - Ontario
25. Two3 - Apple Valley MN
26. Cyclones - Ontario
27. Ravens -Yellowknife NWT
28. Blazers - Calgary Alberta
29. As-St.Cover-deMarie - Quebec
30. Lacombe - Ontario
31. Rebels -Tenby MB
32. Penetrators - Edmonton Alberta
33. Bogeys - IGH MN
34. Impact - Edmonton Alberta
35. VIA Design - Quebec
36. Barons - Ontario
37. Chiefs - Calgary Alberta
38. Superior Machine - Duluth MN
39. Construction G.I.L - Quebec
40. Young Guns - Edmonton Alberta
41. Billys - St. Paul MN
42. West Carleton - Ontario
43. Bergeys - Duluth MN
44. Construction Andre Jacques - Quebec
45. Sloppy Waffles - Rochester MN
46. Portes Morissetee - Quebec
47. Gold Mark - Fargo ND
48. Deez Nuts - Calgary Alberta
49. Australia National Team
50. The Shed - Mpls MN
51. Stallions - St. Claude MB
52. Warriors - Mpls MN
53. Sportsmen - Regina SK
54. Life Chiro - Mpls MN
55. Hawks - Selkirk MB
56. Rangers - Edmonton Alberta
57. DMT Sports - Quebec
58. Hurricanes - Ontario
59. Icemen - Ontario
60. Warriors - Fargo ND
61. Senators - Regina SK
62. Rivals - Windsor Ontario
63. JB Crew - Blaine MN
64. Newfoundland Provincial Team
65. Mels Boys - Blaine MN
66. Switzerland National Team
67. Barries Tavern - Syracuse NY
68. Boom STyX - Golden Valley MN
69. Mooers Mafia- NY
70. Polar Wall - Blaine MN
71. Cowboys - Calgary Alberta
72. Nezezon - NY
73. Corkys - Cold Spring MN
74. Road Runners - Rousse Point NY
75. Buds Bar - Cold Spring MN
76. Schultz Bar - St, Cloud MN
77. Outlaws - Oswega NY
78. Turkeys - Ontrario
79. Open Net Lounge - Massena NY
80. Crusaders - Colorado Springs CO
81. Bisons - Ontario
82. Chopper - LeDuc Alberta
83. Bulldogs - Viscount SK
84. Splendron - Ontario
85. Moes - Blaine MN
86. Ice - Edmonton Alberta
87. Bulldogs - Duluth Mn
86. Killer B's - Edmonton Alberta
87. Bulldogs - Dulth MN
88. Italy National Team
89. Pigs Eye - Blaine MN
90. Japan National Team
90. Baltimore BC - Baltimore Maryland
91. Altok - New Hope MN
92. Freeze - MN
93. Freakshow - Blaine MN
94. German National Team
95. Jimmys NE - Blaine Mn
96. Ball Hawgs - Iowa
97. Nomadic Horde - Washington DC
98. Cardinal Bar - Mpls Mn
99. Bethel Royals - Blaine MN
100. Alumni Team - Richfield MN

Submitted by: Canadian Broomball magazine on 05/Oct/2010 in reply to 2010-11 Ranking posted by Razor on 03/Oct/2010

This could be very interesting . This is only my opinion so feel free to comment :

No 1 : Ottawa Nationals (still the team to beat ,they have proven they can win a title . Last years nationals was badluck and will bounce back, they're provincials champs )

No 2 : Frost ( Still a very competive team and won last years overall Quebec league . Hosting the nationals this year , they will be a force )

No 3 : The Pogos ( They won last years nationals , I know a few good team weren't there but it wasn't their fault , they did beat the Ottawa team . They the Quebec provincials and will be again very strong this year )

No 4 : Axemen ( Could have been no 2 or 3 but they haven't gone to the nationals finals since they won in 2007. They won there provincials and will be ready to rock next spring )

No 5 : Rookies ( runner up at the Ontario provincials , and two years ago in Saskatoon we're a few seconds away from the top four .At this time we don't know if attending the nationals , but if invited will be again very strong contender)

No 6 : L'assomption Sphinx ( Runner up at the Quebec provincials ,a young team , very fast , have made changes for this year and will be a contender next spring )

No 7 : Calgary Blazers ( at this time , don't know if going to the Nationals )

No 8 : Odessa Outlaws ( runner up in the Sask provincials . A very unpredictable team , because if they stay out of the penalty box , they can beat anyteam in the country . Is they go the the nationals , they will be a team to watch ) .

No 9 : NWT Ravens ( Always a tough team to beat at the Nationals . When you have on your team one the best goalies in the country , you have a chance to win ) .

No 10 : Le Six ( Lots of you don't know them , but they are the old Dragons , with lots of new young players . They finished top 3 in the Quebec league )




Results are in from the 1st  Northern Cup Tournament

Final standings
1st Roadhouse (Whitehorse)
2nd Coyne (Whitehorse)
3rd Capital Towing (Whitehorse)
4th Klondyke Dental Donkeys (Whitehorse)
5th Arctic Response (Whitehorse)
6th Yellowknife Ravens (Yellowknife)
7th Duggan’s Pub (Homer, Alaska)
8th Swamp Donkeys (Yellowknife)
9th Flippers Pub (Whitehorse)
10th Builder’s Supplyland (Whitehorse)
11th Big City Ballers (Anchorage, Alaska)
The next Northern Broomball Cup will be in Yellowknife in 2011

Below is a link to read the newspaper reviews from the tournament as well as a link to view some photos of the games.   Congratulations to all the teams!




Here are a few articles from the Yukon papers:

Alaskan and N.W.T. teams in for broomball Northern Cup

Roadhouse regains broomball title

Roadhouse wins broomball Northern Cup in all-local final

Photos of various Games provided by 
Margo Millette - 




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June 3, 2008
Congratulations Ravens
Congratulations to the players, coaches and manager of the 2007 Yellowknife Ravens Broomball team for being named SportNorth TEAM OF THE YEAR!!

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