The 2018 Territorial Broomball Championships will be held in Yellowknife, NT at the YK Community Arena from March 2nd to March 3rd, 2018.

Two divisions this year - Womens and Co-Ed - A double knock format

Saturday will have a SKILLS COMPETITION from 1:45 to 3:30pm

Come on down watch some great games and check out ANOTHER GREAT WINTER SPORT!

Tournament Schedule is below





2018 Territorial Championship Results

2017 Territorial Award Recipients




Women’s Division


1st – Nuna Logistics

2nd Larga Clubbers

3rd Sizzlers 

Awards Top Scorer – Tina Locke-Setter

Most Valuable Player – Tina Locke-Setter

Most Sportsmanlike- Jessica Pacunayen


All Star Team


Defence – Aki Iwase

Defense – Betty Anne Nickerson

Forward – Tara Lynn Andrews

Forward – Tamara Statchook

Centre – Terri-Lynn Locke-Setter

Goalie – Kyra Powder



Mixed Division 

1st Millennium Technologies

2nd Coyotes

3rd Fire Prevention


Top Scorer Male – Brandon Dahl

Top Scorer Female – Terri-lynn Locke-Setter

Most Sportsmanlike Male- Jordan Smith

Most Sportsmanlike Female – Kaeleigh Brown

Most Valuable Player Male – Dominic Debogorski

Most Valuable Player Female – Terri-Lynn Locke-Setter


All Star Team


Defense Male – Alexander Debogorski

Defense Female – Betty Anne Nickerson

Forward Male – Ian Fowler

Forward Female – Tara Bower

Forward  Male – Stefan Goodman

Goalie – Val Pond






September 19, 2018